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  • Hisham Nassar Avatar
    Hisham Nassar
    11/04/2019 - Google

    Great services!

  • Sacha Khoury Avatar
    Sacha Khoury
    5/28/2019 - Google

    Awesome service! Very professional and really want to help you get better. Would recommend this placw to anyone suffering from back a back injury especially.

  • Akhlaqur Rahman Rahi Avatar
    Akhlaqur Rahman Rahi
    11/15/2018 - Google

    Great staff

  • Mouhammed Ndiaye Avatar
    Mouhammed Ndiaye
    5/11/2018 - Google

    The best accidental discovery that happened to me yet. Paid a deposit at the bike/triathlon expo, was in pain the week after and has been feeling better visit after visit.
    Do yourself a favor! You’ll thank me later

  • Mark Morin Avatar
    Mark Morin
    8/11/2017 - Google

    Professional service for massage therapy but perhaps a little on the expensive side unless you buy a package of sessions

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